Neal + Shelby

Congratulations to Neal + Shelby! Their wedding was so beautiful, filled with many irreplaceable memories. Shelby had not just one, but two amazing first looks! One with her father and one with her groom. Both were filled with THE sweetest emotions, happy tears, gifts, and hand written vows. I think we can all agree, both were incredible reactions and made us all well up with tears. There were so many gorgeous details..the girl's floral robes... and I mean, come on check out her shoes! Talk about shoe envy!!!! It was wonderful to see all the friends and family gather together to celebrate the two joining together as one. Do not miss out on their high-energy reception, because it was absolutely amazing! EVERYONE was dancing to the live band and having a really great time! Check out some of the highlights of their day below!

Photography: EL Photography |

Coordinator: Brandi Willis, Aspiring Events |

Venue: The Hilton Americas | Houston, Texas